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"Andy is a good tutor, he taught me about Neutrons, electrons, and protons! He’s been coming round for at least a year now, and he keeps on teaching me new things! 
Jude Bryan - Gravesend (Home Educated)

"Our daughter was tutored by Andy Yates from approx yr 2 to yr 6 at Primary School.  During this time our daughter gained in self confidence, improved her grades at school and ultimately passed her Kent selection test.  Andy Yates was a fantastic tutor, showing great patience, dedication and attention to detail.  The one to one support he gave our daughter and the advice he offered us, as parents, was invaluable, and we would not hesitate to recommend Andy Yates to anyone looking for a tutor for their child.
Mr and Mrs Smith - Maidstone

"We originally used Andy to help our daughter with her maths as she wasn't very confident!  He then went on to tutor her in preparation for her 11+.  Our daughter enjoyed every tutor session with Andy and he worked very hard to encourage her to be more confident.  She went on to pass her 11+ this year and is working towards gaining good scores in her Sat's.  Thank You Andy."
Mr and Mrs Cross - Gravesend

"Andy really helped improve my son's confidence with maths.  He explained each topic in a straight forward manner and made each session informative and enjoyable.  My son's maths grade has improved immensely and he is no longer shy of answering questons in maths lessons at school.  Thanks Andy!"    
Mrs Ambrose - Gravesend

"With Andy's help, Melissa has made great progress.  He has made learning fun, while managing to maintain a good teacher and pupil relationship.  We would not hesitate in recommending Andy to other parents."
Mr and Mrs Baker - Northfleet.

"Thanks Andy.  With all your help and support Rachel has been offered and now accepted a place at Wilmington Grammar School for Girls.  Your guidance and patience through the 11+ practice papers were invaluable."  
Mr and Mrs Long - New Ash Green.

"Andy is a relatively new addition to Franci's life! but seems to be making excellent progress with her.  She was lacking confidence in her maths work but this has turned around with his help.  Andy attends with his own stationary, etc, there are no extra costs.  They go off to study for an hour and Franci seems to really enjoy her time with him.  He has always been prompt and flexible.  We are very happy so far! Thank you."
Mr and Mrs Scudder - Rainham.

"Andy has been tutoring my son for the last six months, his style of teaching is second to none, he has the ability to find a method that a child immediately responds to, whilst learning, my son has gained in confidence and now finds maths a subject he enjoys where as previously this was a daunting horrible task.  My son can't wait for Tuesday's at 6.30, and this from a boy who hid from maths and school work.  Every child deserves a teacher like Andy."
Wendy Nebel - Sidcup.

"Andy is totally reliable with excellent timekeeping.  He uses fun interesting methods to keep the student focused.  My daughter's improvement has been fantastic in the 18 months Andy has been tutoring her.  Would recommend Andy every time - rates very reasonable too!"
Mrs Spinks - Gravesend 

"Andy has tutored my daughter for two years and during that time her confidence in maths has grown immensely and she has recently achieved very pleasing Sats results.  She has always looked forward to her lessons and has responded well to Andy's teaching methods.  As a parent I have appreciated Andy's reliability and flexible approach.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy to other parents."
Mrs Kelly - Gravesend

"We contacted Andy to tutor our daughter after realising she lacked the confidence in her school class to fulfill her academic potential.  The tutorial sessions have boosted her confidence and the standard of her work has improved.  We have continued these sessions as they have proved beneficial and our daughter enjoys them."
Mr and Mrs Cornhill - Gillingham

"Mr Yates was a good tutor and a friend to my son George.  I am sure that without his help my son would not have qualified for Dartford Grammar School for Boys in which he has just started.  Thank you Mr Yates."
Mr G Taylor - Dartford

"Andy has been tutoring two of our children, we started about two years ago with Joe, basically just to get him some help with how the 11+ papers work - no matter how we tried with him, he lost interest, but with Andy he listened to him as a teacher.  At the beginning he felt he was missing out on his home time, but when I said he'd still be in bed at 9am Saturday usually he was fine!  Last year we decided to have Andy also tutor our youngest - Lauren, she was falling further and further behind at school, and we were having other problems in class which I felt was knocking her confidence even more.  She has now come on really well, even her teacher has noticed a big difference.  I think she needs the one-to-one contact Andy gives her, he rewards her with stickers and certificates which make her happy.  Both the children get on really well with Andy and we found him a very approachable person, always ready to talk about the kids!"
Mrs Joyner - New Barn

"Thank you Andy - on behalf of Jessica and ourselves.  The 6 months you spent with Jessica have resulted in her catching up on her maths and english.  She has now made-up the months she missed at St Joseph's early last year."
Mr Simmons - Northfleet

"Mr Yates has been reliable and professional in his post as P/T tutor for one of our girls.  He is to be congratulated on his skilled approach when sessions have not been easy."
Brenda Marks - Precision Care